【ZERO JAPAN】冰裂之星杯(白瓷)200cc

【ZERO JAPAN】冰裂之星杯(白瓷)200cc

【ZERO JAPAN】冰裂之星杯(白瓷)200cc





ZERO JAPAN為世界知名品牌之一,風行全球。ZERO JAPAN」茶壺和杯子是100%日本製造,「ZERO JAPAN是日本最大的茶壺和茶具製造商。他們以美妙的設計和精彩繽紛的顏色取悅全世界人。「ZERO JAPAN採用日本傳統技術製作而成的陶瓷壺持三大原則: Good looking (美觀)The Good feel (觸感佳)Very useful(實用),嚴格的逐個檢查產品的質量與生產流程控管並與設計師典雅的設計完美結合。「ZERO JAPAN受到世界各地高度的評價,這些漂亮的茶壺標榜簡單、至善至美的瓷器,令人驚嘆的形狀,呈現在完美的曲線。許多人也將其當藝術品收藏!繁忙的生活中偶爾也要放慢一下腳步,享受一下精緻品味的茶饗宴如果您是茶道的愛好者,那麼您更不能錯過 ZERO JAPAN」系列商品。


ZERO JAPAN」 成立於1992年,位於日本岐阜縣的美濃,製造陶瓷的歷史非常悠久,擁有百年歷史。我們從歷史學習傳統的技術,並結合新科技,我們至今堅守三大原則 : 美觀、觸感佳、實用。在新品的設計上也秉持這三大概念精神,「ZERO JAPAN」很榮幸能將"Made in Japan"的產品成功推廣到世界各國市場,「ZERO JAPAN」已被許多國家認同,且獲得良好的評價,不僅能維持一定品質,且不斷進步改善,日新又新,我們試著去突破許多市面上尚未出現的點子,同時也翻新傳統的樣式,希望「ZERO JAPAN」能受到您的喜愛,讓您享受生活的趣味。


【ZERO JAPAN】冰裂之星杯(白瓷)200cc



By Abraham Gerber / Staff reporter

The Vietnamese government should publicize compensation records and stop suppressing protests against a Formosa Plastics Group’s subsidiary’s chemical spill, dozens of Vietnamese workers said yesterday at a rally outside the Vietnam Economic & Culture Office in Taipei.

At the protest, organized by the Hsinchu Diocese of the Catholic Church’s Vietnamese Migrant Workers and Brides Office, workers were also joined by several local human rights groups in shouting slogans calling on Hanoi to stop using violence to protect the firm.

A chemical spill last year at the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp plant in Vietnam is said to have led to a massive fish kill, which critics say is among the nation’s worst-ever environmental disasters.

While Formosa Plastics agreed in June last year to pay US$500 million in compensation to the Vietnamese government in June last year, protesters yesterday said that government payments to individuals have been limited and insufficient.

“After the chemical spill, there was no way to make a living, so I had to sell my boat cheaply, but I never received any compensation,” Tran Van Quang said, adding that he was a fisherman for 20 years, but had been forced to become a migrant worker after the market for locally caught fish collapsed.

Nguyen Van Quoc, who said he had only received US$1,600 compensation for the loss of his livelihood, called for Hanoi to push the firm out of the country and provide work for the fishermen who lost their jobs.

Protesters also condemned Hanoi for allegedly violently suppressing a protest march against the firm in Vietnam last month, prominently displaying photographs of injured protesters and staging a skit reenacting the alleged violence.

“The protesters were non-violent and all their demands were related to the chemical spill, but the Vietnamese government chose to beat them in order to protect the firm,” Migrant Workers and Brides Office executive director Nguyen Van Hung said.

Covenants Watch chief executive officer Huang Yi-bee (黃怡碧) said that Hanoi had initially tolerated the protests, but eventually went on to suppress even online discussion.

While about half of yesterday’s protesters wore face masks to protect their anonymity, others used their cellphones to post live video streams and interviews to social media.

“Right now I am too angry to be scared,” a barefaced protester Nguyen Viet Ca said.

“Often when the government uses violence, they claim that we charged them first, but posting our own video on Facebook assures that they cannot shrug off responsibility,” Nguyen Thi Kim Anh said, adding that she had traveled to the protest site from her factory in Taoyuan following an all-night shift.

A Vietnamese official surnamed Tram accepted the protesters’ petition, but declined to answer any questions.



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